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We hope to share our passion for hypoallergenic and non shedding puppies by using the years of experience.  Please check out our reference page now.  

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Back to 2002

We started off with 2 female Maltese (Tootsie & Sadie) & one female Yorkie (Lady).  

We fell in love with the breed & the rest as they say is history!

Next we realized the desire for small, smart, no shedding easy to train puppies...

Our very first litter was from Tootsie Roll and a litter of Maltese puppies.  We fell in love with breeding and our new babies.  

When we first started there was NO internet and NO texting with pictures.  People had to call us from a land line and drive to see the puppies 🙂   WOW HAVE TIMES CHANGED!!! 

Decision was made, we bought an old farm outside the town

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Let's run the business

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The future looks great!

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